The Law and Plastic Surgery

One thing that is common about plastic and cosmetic surgery is that these types of surgeries are the most complained about. Other medical processes meant to heal or correct abnormalities do not often lead to a lawsuit. But when it comes to the exorbitant amounts of money used for vanity, things may get a little out of hand.

People can file a lawsuit against a practitioner on account of malpractice. This is defined as a situation where the doctor did not fulfill their duty to the patient, resulting into negative effects.


It is to be noted though, that negative effects do not include a low number of suitors, decreased admirers, impaired sex life, and other vanity-driven damages.

What they CAN sue for, however, lies around the notion of unexpected results from such procedures. Bleeding, scarring, disfigurement, discoloration, loss of sensation and even death are some of the things one can sue for from a plastic surgery procedure.

But what can on get when they sue?

This depends on what kinds of damages the patient will suffer from due to the complications brought about by the procedure. Some patients just get the medical expenses paid back to them. These people use that amount to get a better surgeon to have the mistakes corrected. Then there are some worse cases wherein patients will even find themselves unable to work due to the complications. If a jury finds sufficient evidence of malpractice, patients can also get payments for damages of possible wages they could have earned without the complications. Bereaved families of dead patients also stand to get payments for loss and whatnot.

This is why it is important to perform due diligence and do research about a clinic and a surgeon before making a decision. There are those doctors who simply take a seminar or two and then call themselves practitioners. This is unacceptable. This happens because of the stiff competition within medical schools and hospitals for their plastic surgery department openings. It is very hard for a medical student to become a plastic surgeon because of how lucrative the industry has become. This is why there are some who specialize in something else then take a few seminars to circumvent this difficulty.

Plastic surgery is considered a niche specialty in the medical industry. A plastic surgeon should have the same time and dedication to the field as any other doctor in any other field of specialization such as a cardiologist or optometrist.

Picking a certified surgeon backed up by testimonials and experience is the best way to get the most out of any plastic surgery procedure.


Contouring Your Body through Laser Lipo Process

Everyone wants to take care of his health and look great but most of the people these days are suffering from over weight problem. So to look fit and healthy they have to lose their weight which takes longer time for making their dreams true. Earlier liposuction process was used to remove the fat quickly but the introduction of laser lipo process had eased and quickened the process for losing weight and making the looks great.

Water Lipo before and after images


What is laser lipo?

Lipolaser is a process that helps in losing weight effectively and quickly. Among all the dieting techniques and weight loss processes used these days laser lipo is the best and quickest of them all. You can easily make your life happier and healthier by adopting this weight loss technique through a competent service provider. Traditionally a hollow tube was used in the effected areas f your body to remove unwanted fat by using tumescent fluid to reduce bleeding and pain during the process. But with the advancement of technologies, instead of removing fat with the infused tumescent fluid immediately through cannula a laser fiber is passed under the skin to melt the unwanted fat laterally to remove it through suction cannula.

Carving your body through laser lipo

Laser energy is used in the required quantity in laser lipo procedure to remove the unwanted fat from the affected areas of your body which can not be removed through exercises and change in diet plans. This procedure can helps you in shaping your body as required and generating a new confidence in you by improving your appearance. You can use lipolaser procedure to shape various parts of your body affected with over accumulation of fat like stomach, thighs, bra area and upper back, waist and hips, upper arms, under the chin and inner knees etc. You can get excellent results within shorter time through the easily tolerable procedure of laser lipo. The risks related to general anesthesia can be easily avoided through this procedure as it is performed under local anesthesia.

Benefits of lipolaser process

You can lose your body weight in a different manner by using lipolaser process than through various dieting and other weight loss programs. You can lose considerable amount of unwanted fat even in your first session. Other benefits you can get through this liposuction method include non-invasive and painless process which provides results without waiting for recovery time. Only a session of thirty minutes can provide you scar free skin after the process. No ugly scarring is left after the fast working and effective process of lipolaser than any other weight loss or dieting program.

Eligibility criteria for laser lipo

Though laser lipo procedure can be adopted by anyone for losing his unwanted fat from specific areas of his body but still there are certain eligibility conditions for this procedure. The candidate should be healthy and habitual to do exercises daily. He must have fat in his body that can not be removed through dieting and other weight loss procedures. He should adopt this procedure after being ready to accept the results realistically. The candidate who can be motivated to maintain the results in future will be ideally eligible for this procedure. The medical care providers, performing this process, should aware the candidates about the benefits and risks of the procedure during their consultation. Though it is one of the effective and appropriate procedures to achieve your target but you should be mentally and physically prepared before going through laser lipo process.

Dr. Mir Joffrey

Medical director of the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic (  is a board certified surgeon who has performed over 3000 cosmetic surgical procedures. He patented the Waterlipo™ procedure using the body jet liposuction system. In 2010, he was recognized as one of America’s top physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.


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